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B&S Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone
sorry – no longer availabile
11xx – est. made 1975-80

Beautiful German built instrument of the highest quality. For great modern saxes it’s a toss up among Selmer, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, and you guessed it — B&S. These people make the fine Dave Guardala saxes, which should tell a saxophile all they need to know. This one is super slick silver plate, about as close to perfect as you can imagine. Be sure to see all the pix to get the best feel for the beauty & quality of this marvelous modern soprano saxophone. Excellent playing condition, nice near new ProTec case, no mouthpiece. An instrument well suited to a pro or very serious developing player, but of course old duffers like me will enjoy it, too …

[note: when reviewing our full pic array please keep in mind that we have intentionally reduced contrast on many images so glare from the super bright finish will not obscure details of the incredible design work done by B&S engineers. We also added a 24ct gold bell wash after the bulk of these pix were taken. View the effect of this beautiful wash to the right.]

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Conn/Pan American Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone 
(P306xx – c. 1923)

Of course Pan American was Conn’s second line, and in the premium horns about the only difference from the branded Conns is the absence of rolled tone holes — except that Conn experimented a lot … and this instrument actually does have its uppermost five holes rolled! The little jewel is finished in very nice silver plate (near 100%), accented by brightly polished keys (no detectable play wear) and wears a lovely gold wash inside the perfect bell. Distinctive features include classic Conn thumb ring, rounded rectangular G# (easier on the touch & to move on & off than the nail file types), direct low pad linkage, sturdy & crisp automatic octave mechanism, improved leverage in the upper & lower stack key combinations (for smooth, precise action), plus the separate, teeter-totter style of  palm keys that most players prefer. All this adds up to an instrument combining the fabulous vintage Conn soprano saxophone sound with keywork that doesn’t make any apologies to its modern counterparts. 

We just went through it in what we call a ‘mini resto’, where we disassemble, clean & hand polish, then replace anything in the way of pads, corks, felts or springs that are in need, and finally, set the sax up to play perfectly from top to bottom. This is one smooth old dude, with a silky tone that’s reminiscent of the best softer soprano jazz recordings by contemporary artists. Offered with vintage case, no mouthpiece. Absorb the visual harmonies created for you by the great Conn craftsmen, and enjoy this truly beautiful work of art before you ever even soak a reed …

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B&S Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone
sold !
36xx – est. made 1975-80

Beautiful German built instrument of the highest quality. For great modern saxes it’s a toss up among Selmer, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, and you guessed it — B&S. These people make the fine Dave Guardala saxes, which should tell a saxophile all they need to know. This one is a gorgeous two tone bronze finished body with German Silver (aka nickel-silver) keys. The cosmetics of this soprano are immaculate. Personally, I think this two tone combination, reminiscent of the beautiful 1930s Martin Committee line, is more striking than a ‘plain’ all-silver instrument. Be sure to see all the pix to get the best feel for the beauty & quality of this marvelous modern soprano saxophone. Absolutely top playing condition, nice newer case, no mouthpiece. An instrument well suited to a pro or very serious developing player, but of course old duffers like me will enjoy it, too …

[note: This instrument came to us from German recording artist, Uwe Steinmetz, who has owned & played it in his work for a number of years. You can listen to Uwe’s masterful saxophone interpretations played on this very instrument by clicking here. Learn more about Uwe through his affiliation with Gravity Arts.]

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Buescher Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone
$1,650 (1) or $2,150 (2)
(see options)
186,xxx s/n traces to 1925-26. This instrument is a bit of a heartbreaker. The original super premium burnished gold finish has been buffed in some overhaul mill to the point where a lot of the silver undercoat (applied to the brass first because gold won’t adhere directly to brass) is showing through. The keys received the worst abuse, so the overall look is of a sax that’s gold with silver keys. I suppose that’s OK, but Buescher didn’t offer such a finish on their saxophones. There is some damage to the bell lip and a few dents, but no signs of significant physical abuse or damage repair. The instrument plays beautifully with the present plain rivet pads, but they really should be replaced sometime soon. Check out the beautiful & extensive engraving Buescher applied to this top line model to get an idea of just how special this saxophone once was — and probably could be again. We’re not going to undertake the total restoration on this one, but a new owner may well wish to do so when they experience how this baby plays & sounds.

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We’re going to offer this instrument two ways: (1) in it’s current condition, which is playable, but in need of a good polish job and pads sometime soon; or (2) with new flat metal resonator pads, a hand polish & Bear’s personal setup. Option 2 is a mini restoration (a $850 value) that will include removing the bell lip damage, but no spot plating to replace plating lost in the process. Option 2 will require a 6 to 12 week shipment delay (after payment of a deposit) to allow for completion of the work. With either option you get the worn, but sturdy original case, no mouthpiece. 

custom made saxophone necks
impeccable old world design & craftsmanship

Let us help you select & order a solid copper, sterling silver or even gold saxophone neck to improve your saxophone’s resonance, projection, intonation & sound quality. We can even help you order a Gloger neck to replace that hard-to-find lost or damaged original neck for SATB, C-Melody, or even bass saxophones.

shown: Gloger-Handkraft solid sterling silver double socket, reverse tenon Conn Conqueror 26M neck in the 30M style (also called the ‘New York’ style Conqueror alto neck) compared to the Conn original design

Conn Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone (143k – 1924)
Gorgeous, freshly restored example of the top line Conn soprano. These are unbelievably hard to find in any condition, and sadly, many have been buffed until the rare Conn burnished finish is no more. This one has escaped almost a century of potential disaster to finally reach safe haven — its rarity recognized & appreciated. Burnished gold saxes have the most elaborate & extensive decorative engraving produced by the great Conn masters, and the super slick, highly polished finish shows it off to perfection.

 Fitted with new premium nylon button pads & a great set up, it plays perfectly. All the 1920s Conn sops have an incredibly rich sound, but the nuances imparted by the heavy plating add another dimension to the brilliance of this beautiful instrument. Distinctive features include rolled tone holes, fork Eb and rounded rectangular G#. Many players feel the rounded G# is more functional in these smaller saxes than the more famous ‘Chu’ nail file G# key. Includes original case in clean, functional condition. No mouthpiece.
Burnished Gold Plate !!!

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There are some very light surface scratches (probably from polishing) visible in close examination, but no play wear we could find. We have repaired some minor damage to the bell area & did a small amount of spot plating where the silver that undercoats the gold showed slightly. Without the minor repaired damage this sax commands a much higher price. If you notice the repair at all you’ll forget it immediately upon playing the instrument. We believe the horn is a raving bargain.  

Yanagisawa/Vito Straight Bb Soprano Saxophone 
(127646xx – 1976)

Made by Yanagisawa in Japan in 1976, this is a virtually flawless stencil example of the fabled Yani ‘Elimona’ model. Here is a true closet horn (probably deserving the ‘M’ word — if we used that term), with original flat metal resonator pads and still sporting the original factory setup that we’ve lovingly tweaked back into perfect playing condition. All the pads are in great shape — barely played at all — and good to go for a long, long time with your proper care & maintenance. It’s even keyed to high F#, and plays all the way up with the wondrous intonation & response for which the great Yani sops are known. 

All Yanagisawa saxophones are very heavily built, mostly by hand, with lacquer finish work second to none. It’s not unusual at all for one of these Yani sops that’s 20+ years old to still look new. The finishes just don’t pit or peel like those on some of the more snobbish brands. Here’s an instrument for you to play a lifetime before it becomes the cherished family heirloom that gramma or grampa bought way back in ’02. :-) Includes a deluxe original case in excellent condition, no mouthpiece.

Be sure to take our virtual tour of the Yanagisawa plant in Tokyo, as a personal guest of Mr. Nobu Yanagisawa, to see how these wonderful saxophones are made.

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King Saxello … a semi curved Bb soprano saxophone …
sold !

The King Saxello is a rare & beautiful example of semi curved soprano experiments conducted during the 1920′s saxophone revolution. Satin silver body with brightly polished gold keywork. The instrument has been beautifully restored in the recent past. 71,xxx serial number traces to about 1923-25. Clean & sturdy original case. Offered without mouthpiece.

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Conn Curved Bb Soprano Sax  (239xxx – 1930)
sold !
Absolutely Mmmmm ….. no, I won’t say it …

 This is one of the last Chu saxes Conn produced, and is from the high serial number ‘Art Deco’ Chu run that everyone seems to agree are among the best Conn ever built. This is an astoundingly lovely little horn in perfect satin silver plate, replete with pristine gold bell wash. Very nice original case, no mouthpiece (yup, one is shown for visual impact but it isn’t included with the horn). 

Perfectly restored with new nylon button reso pads & a great setup. This little tweety bird really sings. Period features include fork Eb, nail file G#, art deco engraving and the coolest thumb ring you will ever see. Yes, it’s pricey, but wait until you hold and play this little jewel! It’s so close to Mmmmm it even has the original lyre. Have you ever seen one of these with the lyre mounted? Well, now you can say you have. This is a super collector’s dream horn, and just in time for Christmas … :-)

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Buescher ‘Harwood’ Straight C Soprano Saxophone
sold !
… 156xxx, c.1925 …

Beautiful satin silver finish about 95% intact. Has a coat of clear lacquer to protect from tarnish — not what we recommend, but the horn looks good. Near new plain rivet pads for a soft & mellow vintage Buescher sop sound. Plays perfectly. Has had a little repaired damage to the bell lip, otherwise straight & tight. Good replacement Bb case adapted inside for the shorter (22″) length. No mouthpiece at this price. We recommend a small chamber Bb sop mouthpiece for best results. Some we’ve tested & know they work are Dukoff, Selmer (short shank) and modern Links — all in metal models. Great little horn for worship, reading oboe charts or just plain fun …

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Conn Straight C Soprano Saxophone 136,xxx s/n traces to 1924. Beautiful silver plate. We now have this instrument in the shop for a complete hand polish, fitting with new Conn Res-O-Pads and Bear’s personal set up. Can be delivered in about 30 days, fully restored, including a new case and Bb mouthpiece matched for perfect play. C sops are popular for church, where you can read directly from hymnals, or for doublers who need to read oboe charts at the symphony or chamber orchestra. Aside from that, they’re just plain fun to play.  When it’s done we’ll get a nice display up. This is gonna’ be a dazzler …
sold !

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