Super Balanced Action
Low A 
Baritone Saxophone

Starting in the 1930′s Selmer seized the role as a great worldwide innovative force in saxophone design. Among their most successful break throughs was the extended bell baritone sax, capable of playing the low A. This is especially significant since this low A on an instrument tuned in Eb sounds as low C concert. Clearly the practical application for this design modification is significant in the baritone saxophone’s role in music scoring. This seeming minor extension of range closes the gap between bari & bass sax capability to 3 half steps — a mere minor third. Though the bass sax is an extraordinary & wonderful instrument, the low A bari sax can carry most of their parts at much less expense & physical strain to the player.

These Super Balanced Action low A bari saxes may be the rarest of Selmer models, possibly excluding the low A Mark VI alto saxophones. This example is an older relacquer — a very good job with strong engraving & about 85% remaining. The sax was acquired from a judge’s estate in Kentucky. We understand “da’ judge” loved the old horn & played it often. He obviously was a dedicated tinkerer. The sax came with no less than six mouthpieces, several of which had impromptu baffles made of chewing gum (you do not want to know the details of cleaning them). The sax shows the effects of being played, having a few dings, dents, solders (clean), scratches & some lacquer wear (mostly around strap hook). The neck is in good shape though it is bare brass. The overall look of the sax is still very, very good — say 8.5 on a 10 scale. Serial number (52,xxx) traces to 1954 making this one of the last of this model produced before the Mark VI was introduced. Original Selmer case is in good shape.

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The most impressive aspect of this instrument is it’s sound & action, which is as it should be. Tone is rich & warm, with tremendous depth. The action remains smooth & precise, showing the sax was well maintained. Low notes pop out effortlessly. Domed plastic (Mark VI style) resonator pads are in very good shape — probably 75% remaining life. This is a player’s horn, previously owned by a player.  The Selmer Super Balanced Action low A bari sax is also a collectible saxophone by virtue of its relative rarity.

Sorry, this rare instrument is not for sale, but please enjoy it with us.

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