Conn “Chu Berry”
Straight Bb
Soprano Saxophone

 Knowing the history of a prime vintage instrument is a seldom encountered luxury. This outstanding example of one of the most highly regarded of vintage soprano saxophones came to us from the personal collection of a trusted friend & player. We know from our business dealings that this gentleman is meticulous about quality, cosmetics & performance. It goes without saying that we are extremely pleased whenever he decides to grace us with one of his lovely, painstakingly maintained vintage instruments.

The Conn straight sopranos are known for their fine tone, response & intonation. The sound is dark & floating with no ‘ducky’ nuances. This sax fits the mold perfectly. Features include the famous “Chu Berry” rolled tone holes, textured G# key & fork Eb fingering. The sax is keyed to high F, but of course no 1920′s vintage soprano sax was originally equipped with the alternate front high F key (as you players will know, this fingering is easily emulated by depressing the high F palm key while playing the upper register A). The satin silver plate is virtually perfect on this damage free instrument. 202,xxx serial number traces to 1927, the heart of the Chu Berry era. Both players & collectors relish the wonderful sound, response & beauty of these great old vintage Conn straight Bb Soprano Saxophones.

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This exceptional Conn soprano now has a very happy home, but please enjoy its beauty in these pics …
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