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Great old all brass ’37 Zephyr Tenor, in original lacquer, went to California for Christmas ’97

So you believe C-Melodies are obsolete — and good riddance? The demo recording we did of this one before shipment might prompt some fresh thoughts. The instrument wore Conn Reso-Pads that were probably over 50 years old. This is why we recommend the real Conn Reso-Pad for the vintage Conn rolled tone holes saxes: they sound great and last almost forever. For the techs in the audience, they are also a snap to setup and take a very shallow tone hole indentation. The latter is probably a significant factor in the extraordinarily long pad life.

listen to an MP3 of the classic Gershwin saxophone vamp played on this instrument:
(for those who’ve asked: mpc is a vintage metal Selmer ‘D’ short shank Jazz model, and accompaniment was generated using Band-in-aBox)

This Conn straight-neck from ’26 (full ‘Chu Berry’ features) now belongs to a real gentleman in Washington State who plays & collects saxes as a hobby. Roger hand polished his sax to absolute brilliance — and graciously provided this new pic. Great job! 

Big Daddy Rabbit . . . 
(as we say where I grew up)
King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor.
Solid sterling silver neck & bell. Hard to imagine a bigger, lustier sound from any tenor on the planet. Play these at your own risk — you may want to scrap your Mark VI. Excellent condition & completely original. Never damaged. Solid nickel-silver keys & gold wash in bell. Now resides in NJ with successful CEO & great customer.

Selmer Modele 22  Straight Bb Soprano Sax
The first sax Selmer placed their own name on, after buying out Adolph. This is a very nicely preserved, nickel plated model that went to a friend & instrument dealer near NYC, for his son. Jack is a regular eBay seller & all-around gentleman. Contact him if you don’t see what you want on my pages.

Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Sax, with large large bore & precise mechanics. These versatile instruments respond well to different mpcs. Legit, if you need it, or as loud & gutty as you want. Extremely well made. It is a mystery why these Super Dynactions are not regarded as peers of their elite *French contemporaries. We don’t throw the word ‘mint’ around foolishly, but if a used sax could warrant the term, this Buffet deserved it. From the late 1960′s & practically perfect. Everything about this sax is classy. Now resides in Houston with a promising young player. (*Try a big Link or a Dukoff on one of these if you think they won’t stand up to a Mark VI !  )

Eventually everything shows up if you look long enough . . .
Left: Completely original Bach Strad Bronx Trumpet from the ’40′s made a Florida friend’s dreams come true.
Right: Virtually perfect Conn Valve T-bone from about 1918, now residing with brassman for T. Monk, Jr.
Below: Gold inlaid Buescher 10-22 trumpet, similar to the one played by Louis Armstrong in the 1920′s

Antique Silver Clarinet (by H.N. White-King) 
The American Standard . . . silver plated, one piece metal clarinet, including solid case, mouthpiece & tuning barrel. Of the several of these we have offered this one is probably the sharpest. Restorable, if someone desires to actually play one of these, but a nice display piece, regardless. Lamps made from them are all the rage. This one is a real antique & looks the part. There is such a clamor for these we threw one in …

Conn “Chu Berry” tenor sax. Great old player from 1929 in near perfect silver plate. Big, booming voice & completely responsive. No wonder old Chu would never switch to Selmer! The Conn saxes introduced in the mid-1920′s were the class of their time. In the 1930′s Selmer began to make in-roads, and by the time the Balanced Action Selmers were introduced many good players switched. Chu Berry was a jazz artist of the period who continued to play his 1920′s Conn tenor despite the fact that many of his peers were switching to Selmers. Chu died in a car crash in about 1937, and played an old Conn until his death. This old “Chu” now resides in Idaho with a promising young player. The young lady appropriately named the sax “Romeo” because of its provocative tone !!!

(click here to listen to MP3 sounds from this great old beast)

click here to see & learn about the real
Leon ‘Chu’ Berry

King Super 20 Baritone Sax
Beautiful all-brass version of King’s best baritone sax, with solid nickel-silver keys. A masterfully relacquered sax with a huge, booming sound (look at that bell flare). If anything, even more responsive than the 12M in my collection (which I would never have thought possible). This King  bari is incredibly easy blowing, top to bottom, and will rattle the windows or effortlessly ease out it’s low Bb at PPP — a real player’s horn now residing in Michigan with a promising young bari specialist.

Gemeinhardt Model M3S Solid Silver French Flute
Open holes & B-foot.  All three pieces are solid sterling silver. Now in loving Christian hands, destined to sing praises for a long, long time . . .

King Super 20 Alto
Solid silver neck — a real wailer from the late 1960′s. Immaculate but for about 30% natural lacquer wear. Obviously played, but well maintained — for what better life could a fine pro sax wish?

more to come . . .

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