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Make a Neck Plug (aka Body End Plug) to Protect Your Saxophone’s Octave Actuator Pin
Q.  I am a real beginner in the sax playing business, although I’ve played other instruments (recorders, piano) semi-professionally. Your website has been a wonderland of detailed information.  have to thank you for many different reasons, including helping me to learn how to find a nice Conn C-melody — and the right mouthpiece for it. I just did this and am having a great time — although the other members of the family are not so thrilled with my efforts…yet. The real reason I finally decided to write you this ‘thank you’ note is to express how grateful I am for your comments on key clamps and those sax swabs called ‘pad savers’. The concept of keeping the moist swab inside a sax and closing all venting holes — to help mold to grow — never made any sense to me. But as a beginner, I thought that I was just not seeing it all clearly. Thanks to my hard head I never did buy the clamps or keep the swab inside my horns. Please keep taking the time to explain to us how things work. It is really nice to be able to understand the “hows” and “whys” as I keep working on improving my saxual skills.

Quick question: My C-melody came without a neck plug, or rather it had a plastic plug that was damaged in shipping. So now I cannot store it correctly in the case. Do you have a spare neck plug to sell, or any suggestion on how to get one? Cheers, Cristiano.

A. Kind words about our site are always welcome, Cristiano. You can easily make a serviceable neck plug (more properly called a ‘body end plug’) by wrapping a wine cork in duct tape until it’s the correct diameter to fit snugly into your saxophone’s neck receiver. Actually, anything round and about the right diameter that you can cut to length will work. An old broom handle or piece of dowel rod is fine. One inventive gentleman from North Caroline even used a spent shotgun shell as the basis of his improvised neck plug. That’s ingenuity! I do believe that the properties of cork will absorb impacts a bit more efficiently than many other materials…plus the procurement process is especially rewarding as regards wine corks. How can you not love instructions that begin: Take one bottle of Chardonnay, opened … :-)
Additional Comments
Useful related CS links include ‘Packing a Saxophone for Safe Shipment’ and the referenced Q&A article on Key Clamps & Pad Savers. As you peruse the CS site for useful information please keep in mind that we need your patronage & support in order to maintain & expand the reference information we make available. We don’t expect to sell every saxophone or accessory you need, but we do specialize in a few things like fully restored Cmels and the Runyon or Beechler Cmel mouthpiece that can make your Csaxual experience as pleasant as Cristiano’s.

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