King Saxello
(90 degree bell tip ) 

 The King Saxello is a rare & beautiful example of semi curved soprano experiments conducted during the 1920′s saxophone revolution. This sax has a ninety degree bell tip, though a forty-five degree tip was also built by King. Of all the great vintage sax finishes available in the opulent 1920′s saxophone offerings, this one — satin silver body with brightly polished gold keywork — is perhaps the most striking. Lines & details seem to pop out amidst the contrast between textured silver matte and slick bright gold. Upon first glance it appears that the entire bell section of this Saxello is also gold plated, but close inspection reveals that it is actually highly polished & lacquered brass. It is a beautiful touch, though likely not an original King bell teatment. The instrument has been beautifully restored in the recent past, and this very attractive custom bell treatment was probably added at that time.


The vintage King serial numbers are not precisely charted, therefore it is only possible to approximately fix the origin of this instrument’s 71,xxx serial number to about 1923-25. The original case has had the leather covering removed and the underlying wood attractively stained. It is clean & sturdy. We do not have the original mouthpiece, however modern mouthpieces work well with the Saxello.

Please enjoy the beauty of this exceptional King Saxello Bb soprano with us through these pix until it is sold …
sold !
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