“Pre-Chu Berry” 
Tenor Saxophone

This immaculate 137,xxx Conn tenor came to us from the same meticulous collector as the featured Chu Berry silver straight Bb soprano saxophone. In many ways these two fine old Conns are soul mates — like long lost lovers from the past. The distinction is that these saxes have been restored to all the beauty & vigor of their youth by loving human hands. This handsome tenor is obviously the masculine of the pair …

 You will be hard pressed to find a tenor sax with bigger, deeper tone than the best rolled tone hole Conn’s of the 1920′s. Virtually all of them produced between about 1920 & 1933 share the same heavy body tube that produces a sound so smooth & rich that it is not frequently equaled. The 1920′s Conns are often maligned by the unknowing for their keywork, but the truth is, you have to be a much better player than me for it to make a difference. Even then, the trade off decision between sound & technical sophistication is a no brainer. A fact few besides we sax techs know is that Conn actually went BACK to this keywork when they introduced the 16M in the 1960′s. Conn never stopped making it from 1920 until then, they just called the interim saxes (1934 to 1965+/-) Pan Americans. All of you knowledgeable saxophiles who’ve ever purchased a bargain 1940′s Pan Am know about the smile that overtakes your face each time you put it to your lips.

A word about the “Chu Berry” & “Pre-Chu Berry” Conns. The Chu period officially starts at about 145,xxx serial numbers, produced beginning around 1925. The Pre Chu’s were produced just before (starting late 1923) & have all the Chu features (including sound), except for the textured, flat G# key surface & elongated palm key touches. Body tube & all other keywork are the same. This instrument is particularly blessed with the deep, smooth voice that defines the 1920′s Conn tenor saxophones.

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 Physically & cosmetically, this saxophone is 98%+. There are few 75 year old tenors in better condition — very few. Prime silver vintage tenors are fast becoming scarce. Those who have them either hold on or trade them for even greater rarities. In the world of investing you either climb aboard or forever chase the accelerating vehicle. We are pleased to say this beautiful instrument now has a very happy home, but please enjoy the pics …

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