Super  Dynaction
Tenor Saxophone

The most immaculate example of any 35 year old tenor saxophone we have had the pleasure to own. This 9,xxx (1962) tenor was obtained from an estate on the West Coast where it was obviously pampered, well cared for & properly stored. The horn was played very little & the case was always kept in its canvass cover. The case itself is a tan leather beauty of the rounded corner Buffet design. It is a tray pack with the perfectly preserved clarinet insert & flute retainer in the lid. The burgundy velvet interior is like new. Lacquer coverage is as close to 100% as is possible, with no detectable scratches, dings or flaws of any sort. The original pads are excellent, all sealing correctly & no apparent water stains visible. The sax was not played much at all.

Note: Flash captures sparkle lacquer
Buffet applied to these saxes
for breathtaking stage effect.

 These fine instruments are premium in every regard. They have precise, slick action, superior craftsmanship & finish, plus a robust, resonant tone similar the the vaunted sound of the vintage Conn tenors. They respond remarkably well to changes of mouthpieces — going from Rock ‘N Roll beast to smooth jazz seductiveness to dark, rich classical sounds at the player’s whim. These Super Dynactions are heavily built & finely crafted. The sound & playability are much a cross that reminds of the Chu Berry Conns & Selmer Super Balanced Action horns all at once. The Buffet saxes are clearly superior to Selmer in at least one important way: The brass lacquer finishes hold up over time & wear very well. If you have seen many Selmer Mark VI’s you know what I mean. The Selmer finish tends to flake & spot, which does not happen with the finishes that Buffet applied in the 1960′s — at least to the examples we have examined. This prime Super Dynaction tenor is suited to a very particular professional player or the discriminating super collector who demands perfection. Here is the anchor piece for any saxophone collection.

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Sorry, this rare instrument is not for sale, but please enjoy it with us.

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