26M “Conqueror” 
Alto Saxophone

The 26M Conqueror model is the rarest of all the great Conn ‘lady face’ alto saxes. The defining features of this model are rolled tone holes, underslung socket neck w/tuning barrel, a very heavy construction and the complicated set screw adjusting mechanisms at every contact point. There are no cork or felt buffers between interacting keys. Cork key feet are replaced with leather discs on which the tiny adjusting mechanisms rest. Once past the intimidating mechanics of the sax the eye is drawn to cosmetic refinements such as solid sterling key touches everywhere there is not a pearl. There is of course, the fabled Conn ‘naked lady’ nestled in the ornate engraving — and that fabulous vintage Conn sound. This particular sax seems especially blessed. The sound is deep & resonant, with a dark lyric quality & yet a pronounced upper register edge. Seductive is the adjective that springs to mind — quite appropriate to describe the appealing, feminine qualities of such a fine old alto sax. With different mouthpieces the player can elicit dark, string-like classical tones, mellow, floating Paul Desmond Jazz sounds or the pleading funkiness of a David Sanborn riff.

 The 292,xxx serial number traces to 1940, making this one of the last heavily constructed Conn saxes (the war cornered the brass supply … shell casings ;-). This sax has about 35% to 40% lacquer wear that is evenly distributed, indicating the horn has been handled & played, but well cared for. From the fine playing condition I would say the sax was maintained by pros over the years. There are no detectable dents or scratches, just natural lacquer wear. Lest we forget, this sax was built in the very early days of the brass lacquer finish — when the state of the art was mere infancy. Until the early 1930′s plated saxes had dominated the upscale market & brass saxes were most often the bottom of the barrel. They were usually left bare after polishing. So, the Great Depression changed the face & look of our American vintage saxophones forever. Every collection must contain a 26M to be complete. This, however, is a player’s alto sax. It deserves to be cherished by a pro or accomplished player  — one not concerned with cosmetics — and to be heard by as many eager ears as possible …

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