It has come to our attention that a current eBay auction for a silver ‘The Martin’ tenor uses a substantial part of our presentation of this instrument as the description without our permission. We brought this to the attention of that seller and requested that they either revise their listing or give CS proper credit for our work. Thus far this seller has not chosen to do either. Since the parts of our description this seller parroted are so specific to my personal experiences with the silver Martin military tenors, they could in no way be accurately describing their own saxophone with our words. 

We do not condone web piracy and we do not condone inaccurate descriptions of saxophones placed for sale on the web.

“The Martin”
Tenor Saxophone
(in fine silver plate) 

These rare “The Martin” silver plated models were custom built for the U.S. military. We understand most of them were played rather heavily & subjected to the general rigors of military life. We will not further disparage the military by suggesting that maintenance was lacking, though that is the rumor. Whatever the general fortune of these saxophones, this fine example seems to have escaped the torment that many of these fine horns may have endured. This silver “The Martin” tenor is all the rarer for its good fortune. The silver plate is virtually 100% & the very few small blemishes are easily removable (save some scratches to the gold bell wash which we will refinish & replate). The plating appears to never have been buffed or polished during a past repading, and the pads appear to be the original plain Martin issue. We believe the sax may have ‘found’ its way out of the service early. That is hard to say, but it definitely has the look of a completely original silver plated vintage saxophone.

 Serial number 176,xxx, a very desirable vintage tracing to 1951. The tone is characteristic iron-fist-in-velvet-glove Martin style — soft edges & lots of guts. Extremely smooth action, excellent response, heavy construction & classic Martin styling set this instrument off as a very desirable, collectible tenor. Whether you want a great silver vintage “The Martin” to play, or simply wish to add one to push that tenor collection a bit closer to perfection, this Martin tenor is the one …

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Sorry, this rare instrument is not for sale, but please enjoy it with us.

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