The Collection: Sopranos
Sax in the diminutive . . .


Yanagisawa Eb Straight Sopranino 

Perfectly formed, measuring merely 18 1/2 inches overall — less than 3 inches across the bell flare !! Range to high E, and it goes without saying, a challenge to play in tune in the upper range. This finely preserved example from the 1970′s still looks as it did on the craftsman’s bench. 

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Buescher Gold Plated Bb Straight Soprano Saxophone

Near perfect satin gold plate. Gorgeous engraving. Vintage case. Unbelievable light, floating tone — no oboe or ducky qualities. Sound wise, could be mistaken for an alto flute! Instruments like this are the reason Buescher vintage sops are preferred by so many players …

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Conn Gold Plated Bb Straight Soprano Saxophone

Satin gold plate (95% intact) is slightly worn only at the key touches. Restored by Charles Fail Music in Marietta, Georgia, using Conn Reso Pads. Distinguishing characteristics include key work to High F, thumb ring and masterful engraving. From 1927 (199,xxx ser#), the midst of the Chu Berry period. Rolled tone holes & cross-hatched G# key. Seductively dark, luscious tone. 

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Yanagisawa Bb Curved Soprano Saxophone 

Currently the only ‘new’ sax in the collection, this is the model SC900 with curved style neck. There is also a bent neck (alto-like shape) design, but the curved neck is preferred for it’s better intonation tendencies & playing comfort. Very bright tone and fine intonation. Keywork is to high F#. 

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Other Interesting Sopranos  …
1911 Conn curvy 
keyed to high F
Selmer’s Modele 22
the very first sax to bear 
this famous name
Rare Martin Semi-Curved 
stenciled by Lyon & Healy
1920′s  Connosax  keyed in F was
intended as an English horn parody

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