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Saxophone Accessory Storage
Q.  I  have been a longtime admirer of your website and check it frequently for updates – I was a music major in college and play in/direct a big band here in Cincinnati.  I have learned a lot from your site about vintage instruments and wonder if you might be able to answer a question for me:  I have been searching  for some time for a small case designed to transport mouthpieces.  I regularly carry 2 or 3 tenor mouthpieces with me and I’m not happy with them being  somewhat loose in the case.  Woodwind/Brasswind used to sell small wooden mouthpiece cases but I haven’t been able to find them in a current catalog. Any information you might have would be helpful – manufacturer, dealer, etc. Thanks for your time, Kent …

A. Thanks for writing. It’s nice to meet you. Kind words about our site are always welcome. I lived in Cinti for a few years back in the ‘70s — when the Reds were hot — and it was an immensely enjoyable experience. It seems nature always averages hot & cold, though, and I recall we had two of the worst Winters on record while I was there. Why don’t you try visiting the fishing tackle section of your local Wally World? The plastic containers anglers use to store & transport lures & tackle come in a variety of sizes & often have adjustable compartments that you can partition off to suit musical gear quite easily. We use these containers around the shop to sort our pads & other supplies, and I have a neat two sided lure carrier that serves beautifully as a travel tool kit.  We keep loose reeds in a small two drawer tackle caddy designed for ultra light lures and I have the biggest tackle box you can imagine, replete with drawers & utility areas, for my vintage mouthpiece & accessories collection.

These angler’s containers come in a variety of shapes & sizes, all with secure clasps. Many are built to nest together and larger ones often have handles for easy portage. The price is right, too – less than half what you pay for tool containers or other special purpose gear caddies. This is the perfect time of year to shop the tackle stores, too. They’ve just restocked for this year’s fishing season …

Here’s a link where you can look over some of the items that are available before you head out to the tackle shop. These are good examples from this link of what we are using in a $2 to $5 price range (sizes not exactly relative):

Additional Comments
We are looking for a reliable & inexpensive source for sturdy handles, latches and hardware for vintage instrument cases. We would also like to contact individuals who might have the skills & desire to restore vintage cases for CS and our clients. Please write us with information.

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