King Zephyr Special
Tenor Saxophone

solid sterling silver neck

Superbly styled, top line art deco era tenor. serial # traces to 1945, making this one of the last Zephyr Specials produced before introduction of the Super 20. This Zephyr Special pioneered the Super 20 body tube, and thereby, the great King sound. The solid sterling neck adds many nuances to the tones produced by these legendary tenors: a penetrating edge to the top register, vibrating depth to the mid range, and a booming, resonant low end. It’s the perfect combination of power & finesse — the epitome of a great tenor saxophone. The Zephyr Special resolves the chord in a tenor player’s soul to perfection. Fellow innate tenor players will intuitively know the meaning …

The sax is in superb playing condition, and makes a striking overall appearance. Distinctive Zephyr Special touches include three ring strap hook, double socket solid sterling neck, ornate art deco engraving and pearl touches on palm, side keys, octave and G#. The pearl touches are addictive. They have a warmth that bare brass can never yield, and a feel of fit and comfort you must experience to understand. Action is slick and sure, surpassed in the King family of fine saxophones by only the vaunted Super 20′s. King pioneered right bell keys on American built saxes. This placement assures that low tone subtleties aren’t muffled against the player’s body. Note also that the low B & Bb tone holes are custom sized for optimum response and intonation. All said, the King Zephyr Special is a marvel of early saxophone development.

The lacquer is honeyed and dark, virtually free of playing wear or use scratches. The original tweed King case is a classic. It’s suffered a few scuffs outside, but is clean, solid and lush inside. The instrument has had some dents professionally burnished out, mostly shallow and without significant lacquer damage. You will be hard pressed to find a finer example of King’s great American saxophone heritage. The Zephyr ‘Special’ is a truly legendary tenor sax …

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